Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thanks Bob!!

Yesterday was a good day. I walked through the day trying to live and teach in the moment. I enjoyed a gorgeous evening walk with a friend who I haven't seen in awhile. My husband and I talked and talked about our worries and blessings. But the best part of my day was strolling up to the mailbox to receive my autographed copy of DINOSAUR VS. BEDTIME by Bob Shea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I have mentioned him and his awesome new book here.)
I can tell you that I was on a bit of a high last evening!! Not only did the book just make me happy but it came just in time! Just in time for what you're asking...well just in time for my fabulous first graders to get their hands on it. You see, I already read them the arc and they loved it!!! But the arc wasn't bound and after reading it, I did not take the time to bind it. So, the wonderful pages did not stay in place...you know it gets busy with 21 first graders. Most of the time we discuss where to put the books I read aloud so that kids can access them on their own. In the craziness of that day it did not happen. BUT, it did not stop my kids from finding the book in the bottom bin of my chart stand. They were not to be stopped from getting their hands on this exciting read. The next morning during reading workshop the arc pages were spread across the floor (having been truly enjoyed but now kids were not really able to read from front to back). One little boy carried the mixed up pages and put them in our clear bin of "books that need fixed."
"Mrs. DiCesare, can you please put Dinosaur vs. Bedtime back together?"
Can't you just picture a 6 year old boy kindly requesting help with something he would love to read? This story ends sadly because I have yet to get to putting ( Dinosaur vs. Bedtime and Heckedy Peg ) together our books that need fixed.
Tomorrow (because I have been home with my own sick children today..oh yeah that was the only bad part of yesterday) I can put this book in their hands. The hands it deserves to be in because it makes kids happy, invites picture readers and word readers alike!! Bob, I am thinking that we can also think about it for a mentor text with all the pattern and repetition. Thank you Bob in more ways than one!!! (can't wait to put on the Dinosaur tattoos too)
Check out Bob, dinosaur and bird (from NEW SOCKS) at his website at www.bobshea.com, you will too be so happy did.


Karen said...

How fun for you and your students!

bob said...


You are quite welcome!

So nice to read this! And so happy the kids are excited about the book!


Stella said...

Oh! I missed reading your Four on Friday!! Hope you had a good week! enjoy this weather!