Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Halloween Find

Sunday's wind storms have created a bit of a problem for most of Columbus. I have been fortunate to have power (no cable though yet ...thank goodness for bookstores and restaurants that offer Internet access) but many neighbors are still without electricity and our district has been closed for the second day in a row. After a day of hosting family, today we ventured out to the bookstore. I liked number of books but ended up with three in my hands at the end of the shopping trip. Today I have time to share one as my boys are patiently waiting for me to blog as they browse books at Borders.

Five Pesky Pumpkins was one of my first choices as I like to look for new Halloween books. This one is perfect for the beginning of the year. It is a counting book with flaps, pop-up and colorful pictures and it rhymes. It is just a little book like the size of a board book but will fit perfectly in first grade hands. I don't worry too much about about kids ripping or breaking it. We will talk about caring for it and sharing it (I know it will be popular) and then I will trust my kids. If there are problems along the way, we'll learn to tape and fix it.


Lia said...

Last week, my mom gifted me a Halloween book. It is covered with interesting stories and stuffs.

Sarah Amick said...

I hope your home and school all get back together. I know no power, change in schedules, etc. can be very stressful for your family and children.
Hope all returns to normal soon.