Thursday, September 25, 2008

Four on Friday has obviously been a busy week when I notice my last post was a week ago.

1. Writing workshop: One of my goals this year was to publish more with my kids as we are in the midst of workshop this year. I set dates before school started for 3 evenings that I am naming "Family Night" and I have invited families to come spend time with their kids in the classroom. The first night is approaching and the kids and I decided we would have our first writing celebration this evening. Just this in itself has helped me begin to meet my goals for publishing. I am exploring what is do-able for first graders as they begin to publish independently. They are really "doing" 4 things as they publish early on in the year. 1. They are choosing something important or special they want to share. 2. I am having the kids create a cover/title (this idea inspired by Ann Marie Corgill's new book Of Primary can view online at Stenhouse). 3. I am also having them reflect on their purpose (this being a discussion my kids and I have repeatedly on as we think about writing what we know) and 4. I am asking them to reread their writing. Some kids are ready to notice and fix words, punctuation or add things to help their stories make sense (rereading writing is one of the most important and repetitive lessons I teach all year). I am also remembering that my kids are very much in the process of understanding these 4 publishing ideas. Even if it is not perfect, they are practicing publishing. I can't help but anticipate what the publishing process will look like at the end of the year! I'll let you know how it goes.

2. I hate, I mean hate colds!!! Last year was probably one of the first years in a long, long while that I can't remember being sick. This year it is September and I already have the itchy, scratchy throat with the drainage that happens before you go to bed stuff. AHHH! Thank God for Nyquil and cough drops.

3. Reading Workshop: I introduced the Melanie Watt basket this week and what a hit. Who doesn't love Chester? I also had kids share new baskets they explored...Laura Numeroff was a new find for some. Mo Willems has the kids hooked. I did a back flip when I saw one of my kids who is just discovering text read a few pages from the Elephant and Piggie book...My New Toy. He has heard it enough aloud that he is able to practice strategies he is learning in reading recovery (matching one to one) to fun books he want to read during workshop!!

4. It was one of those week where my husband and I barely exchange glances. We pass each other as one walks out of the door to a meeting or to drive the car pool. It is not going to get better this weekend as I venture to Cinci to help my little sis find the wedding dress of her dreams. He was gone golfing last weekend. I am gone this weekend. Don't get me wrong we are an awesome team when it comes to the kids but never seem to make time for just us. I am feeling the need for a sitter and date night. Duty calls the Kindergartener is asking me to read to him. I am posting early as I will be away for the weekend.


Sarah Amick said...

Oh Katie, number 4 is so true isn't it? You are not the only ones who feel like passing ships. Today I felt like I was on Auto pilot as i cruised throught the day in my foggy sleepy blur. Life can come at you fast. A date night sounds like a dream...

Kathy said...

Love your blog. Want to pass it on to teachers and facilitators I work with, thanks!!

Mary Lee said...

We *heart* your blog! (missed you today!!)

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