Friday, September 19, 2008

Four On Friday

This short week ( because of the power outages) felt long.  Here's what is going on...

1. I was without cable (including my Internet and phone) for about 4 days.  I was fortunate to have power.  Wow, did I miss being able to jump online whenever I wanted to check mail or needed something.  My husband teases me about the time I am on the computer but I usually laugh it off. This week I realized all the "online" routines and habits I have.  It is funny how I was  able to recognize them when I couldn't get connected.  For example, when the kids go down, in between chores I, and right before bed and a quick check in the morning.  I found myself gravitating to the computer but then realizing I wasn't connected.  I am such a creature of habit and I am addicted to checking mail, blogs, and reading when and what I want online.  Isn't the Internet GREAT!

2.  Many writing workshop stories to share with you.  I won't go into a ton of detail but I have to share a couple of titles of pieces kids started this week...The Olympics (many of my boys are fascinated with the different flags and countries so I checked out an atlas and they have been creating pattern books about flags they're interested in).   The Grown-Up Book...I  had a writer (who has written about a vacation, trip to the zoo and his family) decided today he wanted to write a grown-up book (you know a book with lots of words).  He began writing strings of letters and more letters.    Though this writer can generate and write a message and picture in his own writing, he is still developing an understanding that print and pictures work together to carry the message.  I have so much thinking to do about this...

3.  My kids have ben addicted to the Wii that my youngest brother (he's 25 and still lovin' video games) brought over to share.  He left it at our house and I am ready for him to come back and pick it up.

4. I am spouse-less and out one son for the weekend.  It will be nice having some one on one time with my youngest sons.  Soccer game tomorrow and we get to plan the rest as we go!


Stella said...

I am enjoying reading Four on Friday! What a good way to recap the week, I may join you on that as well. Who started Four on Friday? I like the concept! Also, love to read that you are going with the flow with your son this weekend.We have the tendency to plan everything but sometime it is just good to go with the flow!

katied said...

I originally read a "Five on Friday" at She mentions that she was inspired by (he has writes middle grade fiction). Check them out! I like four because it is one less point to think over after a long week.

Jen Barney said...

1. no power- yikes!
2. Wii is an evil, evil thing. My eight year old son is addicted. We had to have an "intervention" with him. He is going through withdrawl as we speak!
3.Hope your year is off to a great start!