Friday, September 12, 2008

Four on Friday

It has been the first 5 day week at school. I am ready for the weekend.

1. I LOVE Fridays (who doesn't). It is the end of a work week and time for a little down time. I most look forward to catching up with my family at dinner. We have a Friday night tradition at our at Iacono's. I love not making dinner and cleaning up dishes. I most love hanging out and talking through dinner. (lots of talk about OSU vs. USC tomorrow)

2. For any of you who aren't familiar with choice literacy( a website for literacy teachers/coaches and resources), Debbie Miller's conversation with Brenda Power was powerful. Debbie reminds readers to re-think beginning small groups work too early. She reminds us that it is important to take our time and get to know kids individually. Check it out.

3. I love it when kids create things at choice time that I can use and teach with during the course of the day. One of my kids created a Red Riding Hood Puppet during choice time. We went and looked through the fairy tale basket to find different versions of The Three Bears. Byron Barton has written the most simplified version. We also have versions by Paul Galdone and James Marshall. We read the James Marshall version and talked about other characters we could make at next choice time. I heard many kids talking about their plans to make the wolf and the grandmother. Other kids talked about making scenery or the setting. Can't wait to see what happens next.

4. I had two great conversations with my brothers today. I don't talk with them enough but today after school both of them were on my mind so I called. One is in Florida and one here in Ohio. I am so glad I listened to myself.


Stella said...

I really enjoy reading the Four on Friday posts. I love the balance you find between school and personal life. I might join you on Four on Friday!

katied said...

Oh good! I like writing 4 quick ideas I am thinking or reflecting about. Thanks to hipwritermama for the idea.

Karen said...

I love this reflection piece you do on Fridays. I may join you, Stella, and hipwritermama with this idea.

Can you believe my school still does not have power - the only school in the district??!! I actually went golfing today (I feel just a wee bit guilty).