Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Picture Book by Bob Shea

In previous posts, I mentioned Bob Shea's picture books (here). Bill at Literate Lives gives a wonderful review of one of these...Big Plans over here. As a primary teacher, I happen to love his other book New Socks. I think the voice it has just makes me giggle. Anyway, the exciting news is that Bob Shea will have a new picture book coming out this fall (Sept. 9 to be exact). Of course you can pre-order on Amazon and for only $10.95 (don't forget shipping but I always buy more so I get the free shipping deal). His newest book is called Dinosaur vs. Bedtime. Thanks to Sally at Cover to Cover I was able to look through the arc and let me tell you I loved it. It definitely will appeal to preschool and primary readers.
I love the dinosaur, he reminds me of the three dinosaur-like kiddos I have at home. Dinosaur (like my boys) is in constant competition with something (a pile of leaves, a big slide, a bowl of spaghetti, talking grown-ups, bath time and tooth brushing and finally bedtime). This book has very little text and lots of Roar! Roar! ROARING! Because of the repetition and minimal text, it would be great for shared reading at the beginning of the year. Dinosaur of course wins each of the challenges he faces until the end ...
Now Dinosaur must face his biggest challenge! Bedtime! ROAR! roar! roar! roaarr!roaaar! (now a very sleepy dinosaur) Bedtime wins. Snore. snore. snore. Good night, dinosaur.

I think this book will make your K-1 kids happy. I am looking forward to getting my claws on it!


Tony Hii said...

Hello, you have a nice blog.

bob shea said...

You are nice.

Let me know where you are and I will send you a signed copy with some other prizes.


(bob at bobshea dot com)
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katied said...

Thanks Bob!!! I am on it!!

Anonymous said...

This looks great--thanks!

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