Sunday, September 7, 2008

Smart Scholastic Ideas

With three of my own kids in elementary school, I think I receive just about every Scholastic book order possible. As Martha Stewart would say...this is a good thing. As I look through the book orders, I am always looking for the best deals on good picture books (often ones that I don't have that complete a series or one I missed or just to buy an extra copy favorites). I was talking with a teacher in my building who said she suggested titles during curriculum night. I loved that she was reminding parents about good books while they have an order form in their hands. So many times I talk to parents about good books or write about them in my newsletter but telling them and showing them with a Scholastic form in hand was so smart!!! I am thinking about sending a quick note about books we've read in class that are in the form. This might kids and parents have a quick conversation about what their child likes. Here are some finds for the fall...
In the Just Right Books for Back to School Issue:
-two Pigeon books (hardcover) for $7
-Alphabet Animals (hardcover) pictures slide in and out of pockets $13 ( I am buying!!)
- Kevin Henkes 4 pack $11

In the See Saw September Issue:
First Day Jitters is adorable and only $1
Duck for President $7
Knuffle Bunny Too $5
Skippy Jon Jones Fans- 3 pack for $8
Eric Carle 4pack
Mark Teague 4 pack

In the Fire Fly Issue:
Llama Llama Mad at Mama (I love this one!!) $3
First the Egg (love this too and a caldecott winner) hardcover $10
If you need to add a Froggy book to your Froggy basket...17 pack
Cookie's Week ( a classic) $2
Freight Train (hardcover)$7
Ruthie and the ( Not So ) Teeny Tiny Lie (one of my favorites) $3

In Classroom Favorites Fall 2008 Issue:
Library Mouse (great book) $3 I am buying b/c I don't have it yet!!

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Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves said...

scholastic is such a great way to go to get cheap new great books in kids hands. keep pushing the good stuff!