Friday, March 5, 2010

Trouble Gum by Matthew Cordell

Matthew Cordell, author of Trouble Gum, has written and illustrated a great story about the adventures of little Ruben and his fascination with bubble gum. It is hilarious!  Ruben Figg (a small pig) is bored watching the rain outside his window.  He tries to find things to play...trucks and cars, superpig but is most excited about the day when his Grammy hands him some gum. "You know the rules," Mom said. "Don't swallow your gum. Don't play with your gum. And don't blow big sticky bubbles with your gum. Be careful."  Well, you can imagine what happens when Ruben chews his gum in full-tilt fast motion, and he and Julius (his brother) stretch his gum as far as they possibly can, and when he blew a bubble as big as Great Uncle Stu.  Rueben's trouble with gum ends with a POP!  It is a fun read and so relatable for young kids who are curious about chewing and playing with gum.  ( I am pretty sure that is why my first grader slipped it in our library tub...glad he did!)

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Julie said...

Thanks for the book ideas Katie! I've ordered them and I know my kids will love them. I loved the YouTube video too! How inspirational!!