Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vacation Photos

Purple and green water toy $5
Black and gray swim shirt $20
Expression on Larry's face...priceless
Oh yea...he was aiming right for his brothers.

in and out of the pool
cannon balls, straight jumps, diving for a ball
Curly never stops moving even after a fall
you're wondering... why there isn't a better pic?
I tried and tried but know no photography tricks

"I can swim!"
Moe wouldn't get out of the pool after realizing that swimmies actually hold him up.
He enjoyed his newly found freedom until he walked into the pool without them on...
don't worry I was there and pulled him out right away (it was scary but a good lesson).
Swim Lessons at Metro V will be mandatory this summer !

Overall, we had a fabulous break...back to school tomorrow!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break!!!!

It began today at 3:45pm...10 consecutive days away from my home away from home (Mrs. DiCesare's First Grade Classroom). Yes, I am ready! Ready for what?

1. I am ready to do what I want to do with my time ( of course I will be fitting that in between the needs of my family but I 'll take what I get)

2. I am ready to watch movies with my kids ( I bought Hairspray and Mimzy for the 18 hr car ride to Ft. Myers Beach). I am sure I will re-watch the Harry Potter series as well as Eragon and maybe even a bit of Dora and Max and Ruby for my just 5, five year old.

3.I am ready to feel the sun blanket and soothe me to sleep as I relax on the recliner.

4.I am ready to eat out, experience the sun setting into the ocean and hang with my brother who practically lives on the beach (he works for Bonita Jet Ski and
Para Sail).

5. I am ready to talk with Grandma DiCesare, listen to her memories, and give her a hug.

6. I am ready to have time to practice being a mom again, to share thoughts and dreams with my husband and just to exist away from the classroom. I will be nice not to feel like Mrs. DiCesare this week.

All of these things will help make it easier to return to room 114 . With this break, I know I will be ready to"spring" right back into the last months of first grade.

I'll check in later this week...if you are on spring break, ENJOY!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quick post: New Teacher Blog: Check it Out!

Please take time to visit my friend and fellow primary teacher at
Abby, a second grade teacher, took the jump into the world of blogging !!! Welcome!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am having one of those I- do-to many-things-so-I don't-feel-good-about anything days. I find this happens to me every once in a while because I spread myself too thin. I am feeling this today as I rushed through an important (unplanned) meeting this morning, hurried through diagnostic testing with my first graders, booked out of school to teach religious education (forcing me to skip a baby shower for a friend of mine at school) and now am flying through writing this as we speak ( but I needed to write away my stress). I feel like I am just juggling the role of friend and even teacher today as I skimmed the surface with others. The snow day off yesterday left me remembering how much I enjoy being a mom and just a mom some days. It reminded me of summer (despite the fact that there is a blanket of snow covering Dublin). Why...because I used this day as a true day off just as if it were summer. We slept in, ate whatever, decided to go to a movie, the kids played with a neighbor unexpectedly and then Curly (my 4 yr old who loves to cook) and I threw together dinner. Yesterday I felt good about being a mom because I had time to be a mom. Today I didn't have time to be anybody. Skimming the surface doesn't work for also doesn't work for my readers and writers. They need time to jump in, swim around and time to play in the water. Tomorrow I am all about trying to find the precious, unlikely, hard -to- find gift of TIME. Could daylight savings be affecting me?