Sunday, March 14, 2010

Posting Series: Reflections on That Workshop Book #6- Mentor Texts for Wondering

At the end of April, I will be working with Samantha Bennett to reflect and refine workshop in my classroom. I have set some goals for kids to be blogging and writing a wonder post.  Wondering is seems to be do-able and understandable for second grade writers. I want to lay the ground work for what wondering is, what it feels like and examples of it.  I found two books that I will be reading to help my kids grasp the idea of wondering.

The Wonder Book  by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This book has brought happiness to my classroom. I have read aloud my favorite poems, songs and wonderings ( Did Miss Mary Mack have friends who liked other colors?) which immediately sold this to my readers. It now is slowly passing from one book bin to the next.  M sat for 10 minutes one morning trying to master a tongue twister and T shared his learning about palindromes. Amy has sold us on her wonderings and I will be using this book to help my kids think about where wonders come from and where to go with them.  Amy K. Rosenthal shares some of her inspirations in this video.   Franki has also reviewed this book.

The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers

I read this book at Cover to Cover this weekend and fell in love with it immediately!  I loved the beginning: Once there was a girl much like any other whose head was filled with all the curiosities of the world.  And I loved the pictures, the details in them give the reader so much more to think about and infer.  There is a sadness to this book but the small girl grows up to figure out her sadness and unlock the wonder she lost in her life.  I love wonders, lessons and I don't mind books that have some sadness that is resolved.  If you like these things too, read The Heart and the Bottle.      

I am very excited about Oliver Jeffers and visited his webpage. He has written six picture books and I am anxious to read them all. Maybe you know them...
The Incredible Book Eating Boy
The Great Paper Caper
Lost and Found


Jenny said...

Those are two of my favorite authors and I didn't know either of those books! Thanks!

I love Lost and Found. It's my favorite Oliver Jeffers' book.

Lauren said...

We love the Little Pea, Little Hoot and Little Oink books, but I didn't know about The Wonder Book! I do a 'wondering' lesson with my middle school students every year, and I bet this will be a great read-aloud text to introduce the lesson...thank you!