Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dino-Baseball by Lisa Wheeler

I am very glad I read aloud this new book, Dino- Baseball, in Lisa Wheeler's picture books series about plant and meat eating dinosaurs playing their favorite sports. For any dino and sport loving classrooms, this book will be a sure fit.

I like baseball and watch it but I am by no means an expert. My kids (knowing most of them wouldn't be experts either) and I read the inside flap to help us build some background and asked some questions as we pre- read about the heated match up. The Green Sox and Rib-Eye- Reds are playing at Jurassic Park ( a few kids were eager to share their understanding for the many understandings they have for Jurassic)  and start the game with the rituals of warm up and anthem.  The players dinosaur names are used throughout the rhyming text and bolded in color to help the reader understand what may be unfamiliar names. Trodon taunts the pitcher when up first, then swings with grace hustling to second base.  Galli's swing's not up to par-her hit doesn't go that far.  The teams spend 4 four innings in a pitcher's duel, neither scoring.  Stego swings the ball with a crack but not enough to slide in safe and the Green Sox manager is irate.   The excitement builds with Green Sox RBI's and Rib Eye runs that tie.   Which team wins? You will have to read to find out.

This book definitely had us thinking and trying to understand new baseball terms.  Kids were noticing the rhyme, the detailed pictures, and the way the author played with font color. Kids were asking what is an RBI, a pitchers duel and what does it mean to be irate? Lots of conversation on their part and lots of kids anticipating of the next book--Dino Basketball as we read the last page.

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