Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simplicities of Home (Take 2)

Ok, I am completely addicted to Animoto and have created 2 other movies with pics out of iphoto. I made a quick movie of some Disney pics and chose my favorite photo booth pics that the boys have taken of themselves being boys. This movie (below) is an updated version of the first I inadvertently deleting while trying to edit it.  The free video creating allows you only 30 seconds or about 12 frames per piece.  There is an educator option for Animoto and I applied for a membership. Tony over at Learn me sumthin had his fourth graders create landform shorts with animoto here.  Knowing how easy it is to upload photos from photobooth, I think that my second graders could easily take pics of themselves, their creations, what they're reading and endless more possibilities. I am crossing my fingers for a educator account!  

Create your own video slideshow at


Mandy said...

Thanks for sharing, that was great! I too enjoyed doing things around the house for spring break, it's refreshing.

Lauren said...

I love this:) I wait to talk to you about this:)

Karen said...

Love it!! Even though I'm looking at a beautiful ocean, there is truly nothing better than home.

Might I just add, those cookies look yummy!!!!!

Shannon Price said...

This looks wonderful! I can't wait to give it a try! Thanks for sharing- your ideas are always inspiring!