Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Chick by Amy Hest illustrated by Anita Jeram

I opened up Little Chick at Cover to Cover today and loved it.  I loved the cover, the pictures inside and I noticed right away that it is a book of three stories in one. The three stories about Little Chick are so sweet. Each is about a small problem Little Chick is having and how her Big Auntie Hen gently guides her through solving the problems. Little Chick is curious yet patient as she waits for her carrot to grow, her kite to fly and to find a way to catch her favorite star. Big Auntie always compliments Little Chick and guides her to solve and understand her problems. I LOVE the way you can see the tenderness of their relationship and the uniqueness of their character through the pictures in the book.  It would make a wonderful Easter gift.

Find out more about author Amy Hest at her website. She has also written Remembering Mrs.Rossi and The Dog Who Belonged to No One. Anita Jermam has also illustrated Guess How Much I Love you and you can find out more about her here.      

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