Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slice 2101 7 of 31: Thinking Back on a Busy Day

It's the end of a non-stop day. As my husband and I sat across from one another at dinner (Wendy's at 7:30pm because we were too tired to make anything and have to clean up the dishes at home), I said, "It feels good to sit down."  He answered, "I know."

As I thought back about my day and the busyness, I was surprisingly thankful.

I was thankful for my friend who so kindly picked up my elementary kids and brought them home while I was off at meeting today. She is always there if I need her. Thank you Lauren.

I was thankful for my son for helping grab the bikes of the ceiling hooks before I left for work.  It always makes me nervous to handle those  clunky things on my own.

I was thankful for my grade level team and the conversations we had today reflecting on core standards and resources.

I was thankful for the friends who participated in our district Tech Talk. I learn so much from these friends and don't know what I would do without them.

I was thankful sharing in my school's Art It Up evening, where kids performed songs, dances, modeled clothes they had created in art and shared all the pieces they created with our school community.

I am thankful when busy days like today come to an end and I can look forward to changing into pajamas and sliding into bed.


Kelli Traber said...

They say that people who express their gratitude live longer and healthier lives. What I love about your post is that you have a laundry lists of tasks you completed today, and you found joy in all of them. Thank you for sharing.

Katherine Sokolowski said...

I love the reflection on your day. One year I kept a gratitude journal to force myself to see all of the wonderful things happening. I need to get back into that.

Deb Day said...

Love the list. Sometimes in the midst of busy lives we forget to be thankful for the little things. I liked reading your list and thinking back to my day yesterday. I found I have a few things to be thankful for also!