Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Ending

Tonight I had 45 minutes in between the time I dropped my first son off at soccer and the time I needed to pick another one up.  I hate driving all the way home because by the time I get there, it is time to get back into the car.  I thought about shopping but quickly decided I really don't be needing to spending money so I did what I should have thought of first:  stopped by my sister's house to hang with my family.

My sister and brother -in-law live particularly close to us and to one of the soccer practices. I love to visit my nieces and nephew when my own kids aren't around because they are stuck having to talk and play with me instead my boys whom they adore. I sat and helped little Jilly (6) on the computer, Brody (almost 2) and I made faces at one another giggling and sticking out our tongues and then Audrey (5) came and lounged on my lap watching her favorite cartoon on tv.  And, I caught up with my sister, trading gossip and complaining about life stress. I love how sisters are always there to listen.

It was a gift to be able to end my day with their company. It helped turn my stale mood into one of appreciation.


josie said...

nothing like precious nieces and nephews to cheer ones soul! Glad you day ended with special family.

Carol said...

I loved having "auntie time" when my niece and nephew were younger. That's such a special relationship!

Cathy said...

So funny you would say something about seeing your nieces and nephew without your own children as they are "stuck having to talk and play with you instead." Interestingly, I'm at my mom's this week. My nephews and my niece are here too as their parents are on a trip to Charleston. My own kids couldn't come because of school. I'm loving having time with my nephews and niece without my brother and his wife as well as my own children as I'm getting to really enjoy them. We've played together, laughed together, and just hung out. It's been such fun! Like you, I love being an aunt.

Katherine Sokolowski said...

What a fun way to spend some spare moments between pick ups. I wish my niece lived closer, that would be a great experience.