Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Goals Meme

Before thinking about...SUMMER!! I was thinking about how wrapping up the school year is always emotional for me and each year I underestimate the feelings I actually experience. I have to say that I was fighting tears I stood waving goodbye to the buses as we (the staff) always do on the last day. I think I was overwhelmed thinking about how I knew I would not see my students next year as I am changing buildings. I was worried about a student of mine that was in denial about school ending for summer. And I generally just have trouble letting go of the little pieces of my life that I spent 173 days with over the last 10 months. Ok...I needed write through that before I started thinking through my goals for the summer.
Mary Lee and Franki over at A Year of Reading
have tagged me for summer goals.
Here is what I am trying for this summer:

1. Write more
3.Fancy up my blog a bit
4. Clean out/organize rooms ( like the garage, basement and 2 closets)
5. Take time for my family's list of things we want to do this summer
6. Exercise every day

My Family's List of to do's:
Rollerblade together
Zombezi Bay (water park)
swim at the pool
visit the cupcake store in Powell
take a COTA bus ride up high street
go to the downtown library
visit grandpa's lake house on Johnson's Island

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Mary Lee said...

Oooh! The cupcake store in Powell...I wish you wouldn't have reminded me!

I love the COTA bus ride up high street idea!