Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Dog, My Cat, My Mama and Me!

This book jumped out at me on one of my shopping trips to Cover to Cover. I saw Bob Graham's name on the cover and immediately thought of a favorite book in our dog basket, "Let's get a pup!" said Kate. I was first turned onto Bob Graham by my friend and Kindergarten teacher Jessica. She is a dog lover and lover of picture books about dogs. My students seem to be natural dog lovers and enjoyed the adventures of a family adopting two new dogs. This new title is illustrated by Bob Graham and written by Nigel Gray. It is a perfect story for shared reading when we read aloud together. It has repetition and rhyme. It even has a flap to lift on 3 of the 17 pages in the story. I think at first glance readers may mistake this for a preschool read aloud. I have to say this is so not the case. With a few reads together, I know my students will be fighting over it during independent reading. My own Kindergartner takes this book with him every time I ask my boys to grab something to read in the car. The text begins with these words...My dog got fatter and fatter. I didn't know what was the matter. Then, do you know what she did? She went into the cupboard and hid. She was fat when she went in, but she came out thin. (Don't you want to read on and find out why?) I took a peek. Wouldn't you? (lift flap) She'd had puppies! One, two. The repetition and pattern continue with the fat cat and the pregnant mom. You can guess what happens to them.

I also think kids in first grade love to create during writing workshop and what better way to invite them to create in a purposeful way by studying this book. Kids could be purposeful with pattern, flaps, asking questions and voice. I think this book has quite a bit to offer young writers and readers.


Karen said...

Another great find for you at CTC! I love all the different themed baskets you talk about -- how lucky are your students?!

Jen Barney said...

love the new look!