Monday, June 2, 2008

Books We've Loved This Year

After kids made individual lists of favorites (which I am just slipping into their report card as a summer rereading guide for parents), the top picks by my first graders for this year include...

This received the most votes and the kids wrote they like this book because "it is funny." Books that make us laugh are always are a hit.

Mercy had the second most votes and was popular because "I liked the pig and the neighbors Baby and Eugenia." Characters win here!

"I like Tanka Tanka Skunk because it sounds like a song. It has repeating words. It is easy to read." Easy to read and sing...anything to extend that fluency practice. I have to find more like this over the summer!

"I like Bossy Bear because it has repeating words. I like the pictures. I can read it!" Simple text and good pics help Bossy Bear into our top ten.

Ok...I forget the exact words my kids had for this one because I left that post it at school. I love it because it is about a lost book and involves lots of imagination and picture reading. Visit Mary Lee's study of how kids reacted to this read aloud. Such a creative post!

We spent a week or so rereading, making our lists, writing and and talking about why certain books caught our attention this year. I think this is a big part of reader identity. (Knowing what you like to read and why) It also happens to be incredibly fun!!!!

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Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing this! I'll be teaching first grade for the first time next year (I've always taught fourth and fifth) and I'm grateful to know what students enjoy reading.