Friday, June 13, 2008

New Book: I'm the Best Artist In the Ocean

I was super excited when I was shopping for books today and found out Kevin Sherry's second book about a giant squid was on the shelves. I loved his first squid book, I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean , and so did my students. Kevin introduces us to a very observant squid who begins to name all the creatures he is bigger than.
I'm bigger than this crab. I'm bigger than that shark (shhhh!) I'm bigger than this fish, that fish this fish and that fish. I'M THE BIGGEST THING IN THE OCEAN!
The squid is then unexpectedly swallowed by a large whale and instead of realizing his doom, he shouts, I'm the biggest thing in this whale!

Kevin's newest book, I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean, tells the tale of squid's artisan adventures. The cover and pictures are delightful and just as inviting as the last book but I have to admit I wasn't excited about the title: I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean? Do squids draw? Ok...ok I guess I need to remember I am reading fiction. Well in this story squid can draw anything.
I can draw fish, I can draw crabs, I can draw manta rays... and jellyfish! I can draw anything!
Squid draws all over the ocean until the shark confronts him about making a mess.
Squid corrects him and the pages open up to the blue whale covered in squids drawings...
You mean Mess-terpiece!

Which book wins for story?
My vote: The biggest thing in the ocean; I couldn't wait to finish this the first time I read it. Loved the ending

Which book wins for characters?
My vote: both; love how the squid is naively self consumed

Which book should you own?
My vote BOTH! I love that it they are both readable and repetitive and perfect for early readers. It feels like a series book for K-1 kids.


Pin Thoughts said...

Hi! The 2 books sound really nice. Where are they available? Thanks!

katied said...

I know you can get them on Amazon!

Stella said...

Thank you for the great reviews! I was actually on the lookout for new titles for the little ones.

Franki said...

Okay, this looks good. I guess I'll have to get it...