Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here I go!!!

It is officially 1:57pm and I am just beginning (hopefully without interruptions...haha) the 48 hour challenge. To begin this most anticipated event, the Columbus Bloggers met at a local eatery and then enjoyed shopping at our favorite bookstore, Cover to Cover. It was wonderful to see friends from A year of reading, authentic learner, literate lives, talkworthy, and to meet Stella over at My world-Mi Mundo.

The morning was made even more exciting because we had the opportunity to meet and talk with Sarah Prineas who has written The Magic Thief, which was in stores Tuesday!! Check out her webpage and link to her blog at live journal. The Magic Thief is on the top of my stack as I am now going to stop typing and get reading!!!

Last note...thank you Mary Lee for the pictures. I am awful about remembering my camera and think I need to invest in the kind that fits right in my purse!


Mary Lee said...

It was a blast, wasn't it? Hey, just for the record, I counted that three hours in my total!!!!!

sexy said...