Monday, June 30, 2008

I am reading Twilight and loving it!!

This summer my own reading started off great with the 48 hour book challenge. Days afterward, I felt I couldn't get back into it with camps for kids, swim lessons and baseball games. Well, no need to worry, I rekindled that summer reading with Stephenie Meyers first book in a series of 4 ( the 4th out in August and paralleling the hype of Harry P series). Briefly, this young adult series is a love story involving a small town girl and her relationship with a vampire. I have talked with 3 friends who have read it and loved it. One friend is a real character lover and loves Edward ( the young male vampire). As I was checking it out at Powell's, I noticed the trailer for the movie that will be released in the fall. Check it out. Let me know what you think. Ok, back to reading.


Karen said...

I love your new page layout -- very cool!!!

Anonymous said...

The Twilight trailer made me jittery and wondering all at the same time! A hip and mysterious vampire book and movie...keep us posted!

Stella said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I've been "looking" and considering that book for a while...I think you gave me the final push to read it.
BTW...your page looks great!!!

Sarah said...

I am also a cheesy Twilight fan. I got through all three books in two weeks - a new record for me. There is even a first chapter to Twilight on Stephanie Meyers homepage that is written from Edward's perspective. My teacher friends and I just read it for our first summer book club read.

Sarah Parker

debrennersmith said...

My daughter stayed up all night reading this series. She went to a late night, buy it at midnight party. So fun!