Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin

If your primary students are ready for a new song book: Pete the Cat is it!  My son's first grade class has been enjoying this book the antics of the Pete in his new white shoes. This song book is perfect for shared reading.  It is filled with repetitive text, prediction and a great message.

Pete is a blue, easy-going cat with brand new shoes. He loves to walk along and sing.  He loves his new shoes but steps in many things (strawberries, blueberries, and mud) that change his shoes to blue, red and brown.  But Pete isn't bothered, he keeps walking along and singing his song.   In fact, a favorite part of the book is the last page where you read the moral of the story: (not matter what you step in: keep walking along and singing your song) it's all good.

Check out the link to the song and free download here at Harper Collins.              

Below is a youtube video of two young kiddos reading, singing and loving Pete the Cat. 


Mandy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.

Katie Garcia said...

I Googled this book because Mary's art teacher turned us onto it and your blog was one of the first sites that came up. WE LOVE THIS ON YOU TUBE! watched it several times

Maureen said...

Fantastic book! The kindergarten kiddos will love it. Those girls made my day!

Lesa said...

I found this post as I was scrolling back through your blog this week. I was so excited about Pete the Cat I used it the next day on youtube and am anxiously waiting for the book from the library. Immediately I could tell my first graders would be hooked. They started laughing and singing along from the start. We wrote our own versions changing the animal and/or what it was wearing. They came up with the most adorable ideas! Thanks for the inspiration that I really needed to get through a dull spot in our writing workshop!

a custom essay writer said...

I think those kids are smart to know how to read at that age, still it's great book