Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What's First Grade?

A few months ago I was chatting with the most amazing first grade teacher in our district.  I was listening to her talk about how she and her students were creating for a hallway display communicating what first grade meant to them.  I LOVED the idea, asked her if I could use it and tried it on my own.
I started by reading one of my favorite pattern books: 
 Then we had lots of talk about how to answer the question: What's First Grade? Students who were able to narrow in and think about an image or idea shared. They came up with lots of ideas and I challenged them to be purposeful in their illustrations as we had been studying them in writing workshop. I posted it in our hallway for family night.
 Their ideas range from jump rope and running to....
 writing workshop, stories and checking out books.
 Oh and lots and lots of tether ball!!
I think I might have them re-illustrate after break to see if their ideas have changed. 


mary b. said...

What a fabulous idea. Tell the mentioned teacher she may have other first grade teachers trying it out too!

katied said...

Will do Mary!