Friday, December 28, 2012

Yoga Breaks with You Are a Lion!

I think you can tie a book into everything we do in first grade! This year I found a book of yoga poses, You Are a Lion by Taeeun Yoo, that we have been using for movement breaks and transitions. The kids love it! They beg to do yoga in between workshops and it allows them to move, stretch and breathe! It is filled with simple poses and pictures the kids can try like fluttering like a butterfly and stretching like a cat. I was reminded of this book as I saw an overdue reminder from the library. It is one that I need to buy because someone always has it in his/her book bin.  Hoping you are getting lots of time to breathe over holiday break.


Mary Lee said...

Yes, "BREATHE" is definitely a key word for my holidays!

Happy New Year, Friend!!

katied said...

Sleeping in, catching up on movies and now trying to catch blogs! I love to breathe:)Happy New Year ML!