Monday, December 31, 2012

Wondering about Worms

We have been infested by small thin worms that have been making their way up our door that leads out to the Kindergarten playground. It has been a great way to work science into wondering, writing and of course speaking and listening to one another. Above this poster where many kids posted their thoughts, I placed this book about worms...(love this book) Yucky Worms by Vivian French.
A few kids picked it up and learned about the little creatures trying to live outside our door.  Ruby even wrote a book about worms during writing workshop.  Knowing we will dig a little deeper into non-fiction reading and writing after break, I like to come back to topics, reading and writing we have a  little background for as we start a new unit in workshop. This title, Ruby's non-fiction piece and the wonder post-its stuck to the poster will help me model how we read, ask and answer questions and write using non-fiction text.  Right now I'm wondering what the door looks like as well as what the kids will say about the worms after all the snow this break!!
Happy New Year!


Mary Lee said...

This is the best kind of science -- exploring the world right outside (or on) your window!

Carol said...

I agree with Mary Lee. The best kind of science starts with things kids wonder about. And maybe the best kind of reading starts that way too. I read YUCKY WORMS several years ago, maybe when I was a CYBILS judge for nonfiction. I thought it would be a great mentor text for kids, but then I forgot about it. Gotta go hunt it down.

mary b. said...

Ditto to the previous comments - personal interest in owe's own "backyard" is the best kind of science. Also, your exploration will be a wonderful segue to your nonfiction study. You introduced me to a new book, which I now have on my Amazon wish list. Looking forward to many new posts in 2013 - Cheers!