Thursday, December 20, 2012

Books that Inspire Drawing

We have a basket of books about drawing.  In the Drawing Books Basket I have added how to draw books, characters who draw like Dog and books that inspire creating like Beautiful Oops.  My kids have been loving the messages these stories send as well as the stories about some of the characters who create. Just this week I picked up Andrew Drew and Drew from the bookstore.  Immediately my kids were thinking about Beautiful Oops! and Jeremy Draws a Monster.
In Andrew Drew and Drew, Andrew helped us realize that drawing is a process. Sometimes you begin and your picture takes you to another idea. Andrew draws what he knows and what he imagines. One boy who loves to draw even shouted out, "that is like me!" I think this book will be great for the beginning of the year when kids are just beginning to bravely get their pictures and ideas on the page.


mary b. said...

I always love your original titles to your book baskets! Enjoying your daily posts.

josie said...

I agree with Mary b, very original and so smart!

katied said...

Thanks Josie. I hope you are having a great break!