Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Student Family Night

Tonight was one of three "family nights" I decided to host in my classroom. When I first thought about these evenings, my purpose was plain and simple...invite kids and their families into the classroom to share student work. After a bit of reading this fall and some of my own goal setting, our first family night turned in to a family evening where parents and kids came to join in our first writing celebration. Imagine a warm, crowded room filled with parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and of course first grade friends skipping to see one another, sharing oreos with juice boxes in hand all while reading and sharing their favorite pieces of writing. Thinking back to it already makes me smile. My smile comes from knowing that what I thought was a simple evening turned out to be bigger for many people who shared in the celebration.

Looking back, the evening helped some parents visualize what their son or daughter had been sharing at home. One mom explained that her son often answers "nothing" to the common question..."What did you do at school today?" She was delighted to be able to read his writing and talk with him about it.

This evening connected families and opened the doors to new friendships. Students like Katie had opportunities to introduce her parents to new friends she has made this year.

This evening answered questions. Many parents were able to ask a quick question or allow me to help them understand different procedures or routines.

This evening allowed me to share with many parents how much I am enjoying and learning from their kids. Doesn't every parent want to feel like their child is valued at school?

This evening allowed 6 and 7 year olds to have voice and share their thinking about what they are learning as writers with their parents. Kids came, shared and lead the way.

It was a good evening.


Karen said...

What a wonderful night for you, your students, and their loved ones!!

Stella said...

This is great! What a wonderful opportunity for parents to feel welcomed and part of their child's life. And great for you for making it happen!:)

Mary Lee said...

I need to do this so kids can share what they've been doing with technology -- really something they CANNOT share at home!

debrennersmith said... Parents value their kids. It is awesome when we show our students how to communicate school with parents. This is a wonderful post.