Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thinking books...

I have been behind on reviews of picture books and purchasing new books. Holiday break always gives me time to try to catch up. I was talking about Caldecott contenders with a Franki today and then did some of my own searching. She reminded me about the great list (of mock winners and contenders) posted at Fuse 8 and then I found a list at good reads. Both these lists helped me sort out the books I have already introduced and read aloud. I also have a working list of the books I want to read before the announcement of the Caldecott on Jan.26. I know I want to have some discussion and talk about the books we have already read that are we love and new talk about some that I will bring introduce after break. I know I might have to do some picture reading with some of the titles as some aren't as first grade friendly. Here are my lists:
We've Read:
Little Yellow Leaf
A Kitten Tale
Old Bear
On the Farm
The Wave
A River of Words (thanks to Mary Lee...one of my favorites!!!)
A Couple of Boys Have the Best Weekend Ever
Fred Stays With Me

I am reserving at the library ( there is a waiting list for quite a few of these)
or will just buy if I love them:
The House in the Night
That Book Woman
Wabi Sabi
Abe's Honest Words
What to do about Alice
Tadpole Rex
Building Manhattan
In a Blue Room

I have to say I feel better with a list.


Franki said...

Good list. Would you recommend ALL of the books that you mentioned that you'd read before? I am focusing on Newbery and need to think harder about Caldecott and the great 2008 picture books to share with my kids.

joeyd said...

Well , without going into detail about the books we've read, I can say that River of Words would be first on my list. I would then have to say Little Yellow Leaf, A Kitten Tale and Old Bear would be at the top. I have a feeling my students would vote for Wave.

joeyd said...

whoops...I popped onto Safari thinking I was signed in but it was joey.

Karen said...

Great books! Have fun reading!

I'm with Franki, and focusing on the Newberys -- so many to read, so little time!

Anonymous said...

There is an excellent children’s book called Other People’s Shoes. It does a great job of teaching kids the importance of kindness inside of a very captivating story. You should check it out! Here is a link: www.eloquentbooks.com/otherpeoplesshoes.html