Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have you twittered?

You might be wondering what Twitter is all about. It was after friends of mine jumped on board to experiment with this new tool for exchanging, sharing or following information that I did as well. I have been on Twitter for about a month and found that I am checking in like I check email. The set up of twitter allows for picture icons which make checking in easy to do in seconds. Twitter also limits information shared to 140 characters so you have to limit your thoughts or responses. I have found that I am following many of the people I know more closely, sometimes linking to new information posted by people I want to learn from and in general learning a ton about technology. It has been a good thing. Today, this week even, I feel like I am at a stopping point. I am not sure how twitter will help me grow next. I am going to be patient and see what happens. Hope to see you on Twitter, my home page is katiedicesare.


Mary Lee said...

Listening to one side of conversations I didn't understand from people I didn't know was making me crazy. Too much noise. I "unfollowed" a bunch of people and I am much happier now.

My verification word is "ackshipt" which is how I was starting to feel about Twitter before I weeded!

katied said...

I know that crazy feeling...I'll try your advice.Thanks Mary Lee.

Karen said...

I look forward to chatting this weekend, because, after being on it a short time, the thing i enjoy the most is just hearing what is going on in people's lives. That's fun, but I'm sure there is probably a bigger purpose.

I feel better hearing ML "unfollowed" people as well. I just couldn't keep up, and it didn't make sense.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the tweets most from the people whose blogs I read-that way it all kind of sticks to one theme. I enjoy your blog and tweets!