Saturday, December 20, 2008

Observations from a mother

You are probably thinking, "What is this picture about?"

I couldn't help but run and grab my camera when I watched Mo's arm so gently moved across Larry's back as they share adventures at Club Penguin while playing on the laptop. My heart started to jump as I witnessed one of the greatest gifts I have in my boys and their love, friendship and I can't leave out their fights!!! This was just a moment I had to capture so I wouldn't forget it.

Now for the other observations about this picture...
my youngest, Curly is creating pictures as he sits up against the ottoman. Don't worry, what you can't see is the tv on in the background and the huge rip across the loved ottoman (12 years old and still counting) that is covered by the cream blanket. Can you see the blanket? Yea, now imagine a slice across the top of it and stuffing coming out. It is not pretty...but not yet one of my biggest priorities.

You also didn't hear the grouchy mouths and mopey bodies as I asked the boys to help me pick up the room about 2 hours ago. These other pieces are just realities I can't escape as a mom. I will hold on to the 3-4 minutes of love between brothers. Pictures can be so honest yet so deceiving.

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Karen said...

Catching a moment like this on camera is good -- it helps us remember the love, and not the sibling fights or the countless times we say, "Pick up your ..." :)

Great picture!