Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekend for Everyone

We are in the midst of a Weekend for Everyone! With our recent move, visiting other family during the holidays and the jumping back into school, my husband and I were feeling our holiday vacation wasn't much of a vacation. Inspired by an article in February's Family Fun magazine (my husband's idea after reading the article called A Day for Everyone...I know what inspired him to pick Family Fun off the coffee table?) in the Family Traditions section, we decided to create our own Weekend for Everyone!! The idea is that we take the gift of a long weekend and allow each family member to pick one activity they would like to do--anything that doesn't break the bank and is indoors (because of the wind chill advisory, will be fun to do this again in the summer). Part of the ground rules include no errands, phones off and all must participate in each complaints! The no complaints seems to be our biggest obstacle.

Here are our choices:

Dad- bowling

Mom- movie (Enchanted...I heard it was worth seeing. I have already heard moans and groans about it being a girl it?), trip to the book store, a trip to the mall ( I am totally breaking the rules and suggesting all the things I haven't done in a while)

Larry (8yr old) everyone playing hockey (indoors with a mini set he received for Christmas)

Moe (6 yr old) Recreations Outlet (indoor playground)

Curly (4 yr) Chuckie Cheese ( I refuse to go on Sat during all the b-day parties...this will be my least favorite but I'm not complaining!)

What we've accomplished so far:

Friday night- Bowling!! Picture the five of us taking turns and cheering one another on, laughing a bit at Curly who was determined to bowl on his own and loved dropping the ball at the end of the lane (his average ball speed being 3 mph). Big success with the exception of few tears from my six year old who hates losing (you know he was the least dependent on the bumpers). We couldn't go home on an empty stomach so it was Steak n Shake for dinner and home to bed. Overall, a great night!


Jen Barney said...

LOVE THE IDEA! I think that the Barney family will try this! Thanks for the idea- we are always trying to do something new and fun for our family.

Mary Lee said...

Way to go, Dad! You came up with a great idea for a long weekend!

Have fun, all!

Franki said...

This sound VERY fun! A great idea for a cold weekend. We may have to try it sometime. We keep talking about bowling and then never actually get there. Enjoy the rest of the weekend--can't wait to hear all about it.
(And yes, I am very impressed that your husband is reading Family Fun Magazine!)