Thursday, January 24, 2008

2 New Finds

First Find:
I had a friend share her new favorite primary book called What will Fat Cat Sit On? by Jan Thomas. I read it and immediately knew my students would love it. They did! In fact, my kids (knowing that I keep new books on the cubbies or sometimes on my stool) got their hands on this one before I could even read it aloud. I was glad they enjoyed it! It could easily fit in a "we can read" basket ( you know those books all kids come to know the words to after reading aloud enough). It has great pictures (and memorable text that matches), humor and an ending that reminded me of New Socks by Bob Shea that begs for a sequel.

Second, well not out yet but coming in July 8 is the next Mercy Watson in Kate DiCamillo's series. It is called Mercy Watson Thinks Like A Pig. I pre-ordered it and can't wait!

Oh yea, we did finish off the Weekend for Everyone with an indoor hockey match! I accidently packed the camera cord and can't download my pics to the computer. I have to say it was a memorable weekend and I can't wait to give it a go when we can venture outdoors!

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