Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend for Everyone: Day 2

Don't we look like we're having fun? It turns out that the activity I was most dreading has been my favorite so far! Yes, Chuck E. Cheese has been my highlight. Here is the picture taken as we tried cramming into at the little photo booth we paid a token for today. My youngest son and I discovered it as we decided to try new games that we hadn't played before ( he tends to want to sit on the toddler rides while I watch). Let me tell you about Saturday and Sunday of our weekend so far...

Saturday: (Mom's choice)
A visit to Tuttle Mall:
First stop Macy's ( ok...I broke the rule about errands as I had a pair of jeans to return that didn't fit my oldest) Turns out our stop to the kids section was productive: We decided to let the boys pick out one sale item and we left with a spider man hooded sweatshirt, 3 pairs of flip flops, and nike warm-up pants (my middle guy loves his name brands) for under $35.

Next stop: JC Penney ( broke the rule again...I need pants) where I quickly tried on 5 pairs of pants while my husband and the boys circled the floor twice. I left with 2 new pair...I couldn't believe I found two pair within 15 mins, it usually takes me a whole day of searching. Yeah!

Third Stop : Lunch in the food court
Each person picked their favorite: Chick-Fil-A for the youngest two, Sbarro- oldest son, Subway-Mom, Clucka doodle doo- my husband...he wanted to try something new ( not at the mall!)

Last stop: The kids play area: Pretend spaceship to explore, planets to climb, space to move
It was the first time my oldest was not able to play ( he is like 2 feet taller than the limit posted at the play entrance) I think it really hit home that he wasn't a "little" kid but he handled it very well. He only asked me 7 or 8 times if he could play and then when I kept ignoring him and changing the subject, he let it go. I don't think he'll be wanting to come back to the mall.

Chuck E Cheese:(Curly's choice)
I mentioned above that it is one of my least places to go but then I thought about how I had only really visited during birthday parties. I thought through what made it so enjoyable:
It met every one's needs. Here's how:
1. Everyone was happy playing games and activities at different levels. There are smaller rides and games for young kids like my Curly who are happy when a ride moves after you put a token into it. There were more physical games likes ski ball for my Moe who is very active. There were video type games that appeal to older kids that my husband and Larry enjoyed.
2. I was shocked to find that Chuck E has a salad bar! I like to try to eat healthy when I am on the go with the kids and the kids were happy with pizza and my husband and I enjoyed the many choices at the salad bar.
3. The space is very secure and each person who enters the room gets a hand stamp and you can't leave without checking out with an employee at the gate. This safety feature allows kids to be independent without parents worrying about losing them.
4. Because it allows kids to be independent, it allowed my husband and I to give my kids individual time too. I played air hockey with Moe, explored new rides with Curly and my husband and Larry enjoyed time on the "big" kids games like the Let's Make a Deal video game.

Sunday Afternoon
Recreations Outlet (Moe's Choice)
This place is worth the $8 if you have active kids or have been missing the outdoors. My husband and I watched as the boys played basketball, jumped on the trampoline's, rode the big wheels, swung on the swings, climbed the play sets and more!!!

Now...nap time! See you soon to wrap up the weekend.


Sarah Amick said...

It sounds like you all had so much fun! I am sure that you built some wonderful memories for your sons. Love the shot from the booth!

Jen Barney said...

I am so excited about your week! So proud of you and the chuckie cheese thing. we always tell our kids that chuckie is sick and is closed! (i know, so bad of us) Maybe we will give it a try. YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Katie thank you so much for sharing your weekend - I felt like I got to know your boys a bit. What fun! Maybe other families will give this a try now that you shared - I can bet with my teen girls, the mall will be one choice! Thanks again and thrilled that you had so much fun together - my guess is you normally do!