Sunday, January 27, 2008

Successful library visit

I love to go to the library and I have a favorite one ( Northwest Library ) because it seems to always have the books I need. This library carries a large number of picture books and the children's area is inviting, comfortable and fun. I went to this library with the intention of finding short picture books that I can put in a basket in my classroom. I want to create a basket called short picture books we like to read again and again. These short picture books have repetitive text, rhyming text or text that can be remembered by looking at the pictures. I have titles in my room that I know will go in like Grumpy Bird, New Socks, Bossy Bear, and I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean. I was really on the hunt for some more titles to read aloud and add. I found some oldies but goodies that I was familiar with :

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
Where's Pup by Dayle Ann Dodds
A Good Day by Kevin Henkes
SHHHH by Kevin Henkes

and older titles I just discovered:

Joey and Jet in Space by James Yang
The Wet Dry Book by Kate Spohn

While at the library, I ran into one of my students! We chatted for a bit and then she and her mom were off to find books. Knowing she is one of my transitional readers, I was curious what books she would be looking for outside of the classroom. Often parents of transitional readers encourage chapter books sooner that I like but I didn't say anything. My student went for Eric Carle section and then found a wordless picture books. Her mother said to her.."you don't want to read this book, it doesn't have any words." The little girl said, "uh huh, you can infer." Her mother came over and said "good job teach." I said, "You know Hannah deserves all the credit here. She does all the thinking and talking about books.
I helped her find some more class favorites and she and her mother left with a nice variety of books including Knufflebunny, Llama Llama Red Pajama, an Eric Carle favorite and the wordless picture book...all of which she can enjoy and read! Isn't is nice when our students can help their parents understand what is right for them?


Franki said...

LOVE this story!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a small moment that could grow into an inspirational article! Seeing you at the library and being able to speak her mind says so much for that child's view of herself as a learner and reader and speaks LOADS about the spirit you pass along to your blooming students. Clap your hands and yell believe says Tinkerbell! and it really will happen!
Andrea from Chapman

Michael LaLumiere said...


there's an interesting new site called It allows the reader/parent to see an entire picture book page by page before buying it.

You might take a look.

Michael LaLumiere

Susan said...

I LOVE her response!! That's when you know they GET IT!

I'm glad I found your blog...hope to visit again sometime.


Mary Lee said...

Three cheers for Hannah and her teacher! (And her mom! And Northwest Branch!)

Anonymous said...

great story Katie! I am celebrating YOU, the student and that mother that was able to recognize and honor what her daughter has learned from you! Thanks for the difference you make!