Thursday, January 10, 2008

Children First

Hi! It has been another month again but I accomplished quite a bit while I was gone. We sold our house, moved (three days before Christmas) and have settled in with family until our new home (under construction) is finished. It was fast and furious but I don't think I would have had it any other way. My classroom accomplishments include some reorganization in my classroom and my assessment files. It was a great two week holiday!! I am hoping you had a peaceful break...I am anxious to check in with all of you bloggers!

As I was dropping off my four year old at his fabulous school (Smoky Row Children's Center) I noticed a sign that had not caught my attention before. It was a small plaque sitting on the front desk that read, Children First. I began thinking about how those two words are really what Smoky Row is all about. The director, the staff and the atmosphere of the school breathes love. Children are accepted for who they are and are helped in the areas where they struggle and are lead in the areas that they excel. The community has compassion and understanding for 3-5 year olds. I thought also about how many of my students still need that, you know to be put first. Each one of them needs to be looked at individually. I have been really thinking about how as writers, I want to put them first. I am reminding myself that I have to recognize their accomplishments first as a writer...compliment and build them up so they want to keep writing! I am reminding myself to look at where they are struggling and help them take the next step. I am reminding myself that not every kid will get the mini lesson. I am reminding myself that not every kid may have needed the mini lesson. No two kids are the same. I am reminding myself to listen. The more I listen to their stories and to their lives, the more I put them first.


Mary Lee said...

And STILL you made time for breakfast at Northstar and mentioned not a word of all this chaos in your life! Incredible!

Sarah Amick said...

Yea, no kidding Katie! You are truly amazing. You must just hold to your faith when these trying times come your way. Where do you get your center? Can you do a post on what you do to stay calm, and feeling composed at these times?
Another addition: don't you feel like you can be the teacher you were meant to be when you know your own personal children are being cared for? I know my children both attend wonderful schools where I feel very blessed to send them everyday.
That's lucky!