Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summer Reads

This summer I feel like I have read more than I have in a long time. I began thinking about why I have been able to read more than I feel I ever have in the course of a summer. Is it because my kids are more independent (8, 6, and 4yrs old) and I can steal some time while they are off playing? Am I purposely making more time for myself to read? Maybe getting rid of one of the two TVs we had on the first floor has helped. Is it because I read more of what I wanted to read instead of what I thought I should be reading...more of my choices were for pleasure this summer. Whatever the answer I have enjoyed every bit of summer reading.
Here's what I've read: (in order from June up to today and this doesn't include picture books of which I have read quite a few)

Choice Words Peter Johnston
Part of Study Driven Katie Wood Ray
The Tale of Despereaux Kate DiCamillo
Water for Elephants Sara Gruen--------this was my favorite (page turning!)
Reread/listened to Harry Potter 5 and 6 and then devoured 7
Don't Forget to Share Leah Meremelstein
Just started The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

I also love Prevention magazine and always catch up with other magazines while waiting to get my hair done or waiting in line at the grocery.

In my stack waiting to be read is: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (a suggestion from my mom and a book club read for school)

What next?


Anonymous said...

I also read bunches this summer -- children's books, professional books, and lots of books just based on my mood on any given day. It has been wonderful! You might like to try that new website GoodReads -- it's a fun place to log the books you've read and give them a quick rating.
Karen T

kacey said...

I just finished The Color of Water by James McBride...I am going to suggest it for my book club at school. I am also really into caldecott winners. I just ordered about 10 for my classroom!!!

Jen Barney said...

I have found that like you this summer I have read more than usual... maybe it is that our children are really understanding the joy of books???

I just got the book the book Married to the Mob. Can't wait to crack that one open!! Enjoy your last moments of reading before the busy year begins!

Sarah Amick said...

Summer is always my busiest reading time. I visit the library once a week to collect new things to read. I have read much in the way of professional lit. but lately I have needed to read the no-brainer type material. I read the Poisonwood Bible which was a very good read. I also read the Nanny Diaries which was funny. I think summer is a great time to just kick back and do something for ourselves for a change.

Amy said...

I've been doing fun reading this summer too, not quite as much as I hoped I would (my list is so long), but more than usual. I will be missing this extra reading time in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the passion you have for teaching, (and the passion of all those who comment in your blog).
I am re-energized to simply read to my kids.
I wish that all of my kid's teachers have the passion that you do