Sunday, August 5, 2007

Picture books about books

Ok...I have been thinking about some books about books that will help me begin discussion on various topics during reading workshop. It is late so
I will be brief about a few books and how they will support first grade conversation on reading...

Baby Bear's Books by Jane Yolen

I am hoping for kids to connect with all the different types of reading little bear does throughout the day. He reads the pictures- not words, he read books he already knows the words to and his family reads to him. I love all the different kinds of reading he experiences and I especially love that he recognizes the kinds of reading he is doing. I think this invites kids to think about what kind of reading they are most comfortable with at home and in the classroom. This book also has great pictures, rhythm and rhyme. I love Jane Yolen books!

Book by Kristine O'Connell George

I loved this book first because it has a short amount of text per page and the pictures support that text. This makes it easy for kids to come back to after hearing it a few times aloud. I like it for reading workshop because the little boy "plays" with his new book all day. He takes it for a ride in his wagon, puts it on his head...all things a 3-4yr would do. I picture myself asking my own students what it looks like to care for books as first graders. What will it look like when we play with books, put books away and share with others?

Reading Makes You Feel Good by Todd Parr

I think this story will make a great companion to conversations we have with partners about why we read. We can look at our thoughts for why reading is so special and compare it to Todd's. If first graders are expected to be able to read by the end of the year, shouldn't we talk about why it is so important? Todd is just the author to begin positive reading vibes because he feels (and so do I) that reading makes you feel good!

These are just some quick thoughts and ideas I had. I am looking for other picture books that are about reading. Do you have a favorite?


Sarah Amick said...

There's a book called the Conversation Club too. It is not in print anymore but you can get it at Alibris. Also, Arthur's Reading Race.

Mary Lee said...

Is it OK if I add these books to our list of Books About Books and Reading? (The link's in the sidebar with the link to the 100 Cool Teachers of Children's Lit link...maybe I should rename the link so it really says what it is...)

Katie Dicesare said...

Mary Lee...yes! Thanks for making me aware for your sidebar...I am on way to check it out!

Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

I like Petunia and Library Lion too, though I guess the latter is more about libraries than books.