Thursday, August 9, 2007

Song Books

A favorite basket in my classroom library is the song basket. I think introducing and reading/singing song books attract readers for many reasons. Stronger readers pay attention to the text and (I've noticed) lead small groups of friends in song. Struggling readers feel safe reading song books because the words to the story are already in their head. I think song books support readers but often kids don't feel like they are reading! For our younger readers (who are developing stamina), song baskets provide a "break" or easy reading during reading workshop.

As a teacher, I use song books to support fluency and word study. When my students and I have mastered a song or poem (mastering it allows us to have enjoyed the piece and given us background), I often post it up for us to read together(shared reading). Then, I invite students to notice sounds, words(high frequency, patterned words), word endings, and vocabulary.

Here are two new song books I am adding to my library after talking with our music teacher who incorporates children's literature and music on a daily basis. She has these in her collection so I know the kids will be teaching me a few things about singing them...

a-tisket a-tasket by Ella Fitzgerald
This is a classic written by a class act!

Cumbayah by Floyd Cooper
Who doesn't enjoy Floyd Cooper creations? Lots of repetition and great for the beginning of the year.


Sarah Amick said...

Oh, thank you! Cathy at becoming.. on my post asked me this question. I will send her here. Always great to read what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Katie remind me, I have a few Seedling song titles that will fit into your basket - but remind me!

This is a great post for any age. Love it. I may have to borrow the Ella F. book!


Mary Lee said...

I have a small collection going of variants of "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly." 4th/5th graders love them! I think kids of any age will gladly sing if we plunge in with them and make it loud and fun.