Friday, August 15, 2008

Primary Poetry

Last spring I was thrilled to find a new book of poetry that was perfect for primary readers and writers. On the Farm, made me so happy!!! When I am looking for poetry that is a fit for primary kids I often want the poetry to be readable (I think about the words...many high freq mixed with some new words that invite the reader and help us think about new word meaning. I think about picture support...will the pictures help early readers with text). I also want to look at the writability (I made up this word) of the poem. Is there simple enough craft that kids can use the poems as mentor texts?

In honor of Poetry Friday and the beginning of the school year, I thought I would mention my top 5 Primary Poetry Favorites:

Here's a Little Poem: A collection of poetry that my transitional readers can sit with for ever...I had to tape the binding back on the cover of this book after owning it for only 2 years. It is a sturdy book but it has just been loved!!!

Nibble Nibble
: Who doesn't love Margaret Wise Brown? This poetry is soft and soothing and I love the repetition.

Shout: Little Poems that Roar
: This book of poetry is lively and playful. It rhymes and dances through a school day.

Go!Poetry in Motion: Motorcycles, bikes and even lawnmowers...anything goes in this book that highlights motion. I love the short text and how the writer looks at motion in new ways.

On the Farm: The pictures and language invite readers to experience the farm through words.


Mary Lee said...

You and your amazing Top 5's! You are a treasure for our primary teachers!

Anonymous said...

Great picks!

Karen Edmisten said...

These all look great!

Stella said...

thank you for the recommendations!