Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This is the Way: a reading/writing workshop find

I like to find books that I can use for both reading and writing workshop. It is nice to find a picture book that kids can jump into after a read aloud and begin reading because it has the support that early readers this case repetition and rhyme. This repetition, in my opinion is another support or craft that primary writers can easily model and try in their own writing. THIS IS THE WAY by Charles Fuge, is one of those books that I am anxious to try this upcoming year in the classroom. Here is more of what I liked about it...

-the pictures are bright and bold

- it is about animals and how they move ( kids will love acting and sounding this out)
This is the way the elephant walks BOOM BANG CRASH! This is the way the dinosaur stalks SNARL HISS GNASH!

- it rhymes

-lots to notice and picture read and infer especially on the last few pages (this is where kids can help think through what happened in the story)

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Karen said...

Your school kiddos are so fortunate to have you bringing in such fun mentor text for them!