Monday, April 28, 2008

In the spirit of non-Fiction Monday...

I was out this weekend and found some new books that I adore. Though they do not fit onto the category of non-fiction, there is something very real about these picture books that I am hoping will grab my readers and writers. First up...
On the Farm by David Elliot
I was ecstatic to find poetry in a picture book format that is has short verses, big bright pictures and appeals to younger kids. David Elliot has written poems about the many animals on the farm from the "rooster (that) struts and crows" to the turtle who "lifts her fossil head and blinks one two three." The simple nature of this poetry is sure to be read by and serve as a mentor text for my first graders. I have been looking for new poetry all year and at last a new book to add to our collection!!!

Fine As We Are by Algy Craig Hall
I had to buy this book because my oldest son often complains about the followings and copycatting of his younger brothers. I noticed these same complaints have occurred in my classroom this year. One little gal has been "telling" that another little one wants to do everything the other does. I always try to explain that it is a compliment. "She wants to be just like you, isn't that great? You are a leader and she is learning so much from you!" Some times it works...sometimes it doesn't. Regardless, this book tackles the struggle little frog has after his family grows one spring. Little frog does step up to the challenge of being a big brother and has fun with it!

Night of the Veggie Monster by George McClements
This purchase was inspired by my middle son who is a picky eater...he doesn't do veggies (unless disguised in my turkey chili or eaten raw, just carrots and you can only eat so many carrots), he loves sugary junky food like fruit snacks and candy ( so we limit it) but does love milk and eggs (thank God). Anyway, the little boy in the story tells how awful Tuesday nights are because he is forced to eat..."PEAS! " The story is balanced with the parents perspective written in the word bubbles ("a whole three tonight"). I loved the pictures, it made me laugh and it hit home. I am hoping it will inspire ideas for writing and I know many kids will want to read it again independently.


Elaine Magliaro said...

I loved ON THE FARM, too. Text and art work together perfectly. I think Holly Meade's big, bold woodcut illustrations are terrific.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful review.
It was a fun book to create.

Katie Dicesare said...

My kids love your book. Thank you for writing fun and exciting books young kids can read and reread. Just today I caught a little girl reading it at the end of the day and I couldn't help giggle at her expressiveness. She was loving it!