Saturday, July 27, 2013

Princesses and Pirates: Alphabet Favorites

When I first started reading Twenty-Six Princesses by Dave Horowitz to first graders, I noticed it inevitably ended up in a student's book bin afterwards.  It was one of those alphabet books that the kids (girls in this case) would come back to after read aloud and sit with to reread and soak in all the bright pictures and personalities of the princesses.  So when I spotted Twenty-Six Pirates An Alphabet Book, I had to have it.  I know the boys will love the pirate theme and it is as engaging as his princess book.  The frogs who are interact with the princesses in the first book are back playing with the pirates.  These rhyming and colorful texts are perfect for primary kiddos.  And, love that it is an alphabet book with a series feel. More to think about with my first graders.


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Carol said...

I have never heard of these, but they definitely sound like two I want to hunt down! I love alphabet books and there is nothing better than princesses and pirates! I might even have to buy an extra copy for my princess niece (who is 21!)