Friday, July 19, 2013

Authors like Mo Willems

I am always trying to find authors who write funny, supportive and clever texts for our youngest readers.  Many times I find that what I am looking for are stories that mimic the work of Mo Willems. You know books with a couple characters that make you laugh about everyday happenings. Books with a dialogue between the two that even our youngest kiddos can read because the author uses speech bubbles. These types of texts really help our kids learn to read and LOVE to read.  This spring a came across a couple that I am adding to my classroom.

The first is called Max and Milo Go to Sleep! by Heather and Ethan Long.  Max and Milo are brothers headed to bed but while Max is exhausted, Milo will try everything to fall asleep.  While needing lots of help along the way, Milo thinks nothing of interrupting Max's ability to drift off easily.  And by the end, well, I am sure you can guess who needs help falling asleep. I checked and there is another in the series out in December called Max and Milo The Mixed Up Message.

The second is Frog and Fly Six Slurpy Stories by Jeff Mack. Check out the trailer to get a feel for this for just one of the funny stories in the book:

Jeff Mack also wrote a book called Good News Bad News that my students love. Looks like I may need a few more baskets in a few weeks when I start to set up for next year!


Tammy and Clare - said...

Great recommendations! We can't wait to get them!

Julie Johnson said...

I would definitely want to add these to my classroom if I were still teaching the younger ones. I know I'll be adding some new baskets to my classroom too. :)

Kate Sullivan said...

Thanks for the recommendations! Those look like great titles--adding them to my list.

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie can you shoot me an email? Tried to find your email but couldn't!