Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blastoff to the Secret Side of the Moon! by Scott Nickel and Jess Bradley

Graphic novels are always a hit for kids in first grade because of all the picture support. This series by Comics Land was new to me and I picked up Blastoff to the Secret Side of the Moon a few days ago. Aaron is surprised when he sees a spaceship next door. He doesn't hesitate to jump in and then blasts off to the moon for top secret Area 52. His adventures lead him to new worlds and new friends.

I think it will be perfect for primary readers for a few reasons.  It is a very supportive text for early graphic novel fans.  You meet the characters on the cover of book so kids can begin wondering and thinking even before opening the first page.  The setting and timing changes are stated on the top of the pages where Aaron, the main character, travels or when the story moves. And there are fun features (how to draw page and find the alien hunt) at the back of the book to keep kids thinking.
It will be a great addition the the graphic novel basket this year.


linda stanek said...

Thank you for this post! I always think of graphic novels as being 3rd/4th grade levels, but of course they would be popular with beginning readers. Not only do they have all the visual cues, but GNs are cool too! Have you found many at a 1st grade reading level? If so, do you know who the publishers are?

katied said...

Hey Linda-
Do you know the Toon Books line of graphic novels? My kids love the Benny and Penny series, Silly Lily and Mo and Jo. They are great for first and second graders.

Rejane Balisi said...
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