Monday, February 15, 2010

smile! by Leigh Hodgkinson

Sunny has lost her smile. She is searching everywhere for it. Her dad says she she try to remember where she last saw it but she thinks that is just RIDICULOUS because if she knew that then it wouldn't be lost.   She looks under her bed but can't even find the floor. She suspects someone might have taken it but she doesn't think it was her fish Glittergills or her twin brothers (who, to note, have much bigger and much more annoying smiles).  Sunny's mother reminds her that most lost items in their house can be found in one of three places: the sofa, pockets or Mr. Honeycomb's (her dog) basket. She searches and then is sidetracked only to unexpectedly find her smile.

I love the pictures and I love Sunny. She is spunky and relatable and real. Sunny is full of questions and wonders like many of the students in my class. I envision using this book to help my writers with ideas for stories...when have you lost your smile? Go here to browse the book for yourself at Harper Collins.


Karen S. said...

This book looks great. Can I see it when we get back to school? (I LOVE SNOW DAYS!)

Lauren said...

I love it...what a creative idea and so real for kids. This book will provide some wonderful conversations.

Stella said...

I love this book Katie and I love all the creative Fonts used in this book for emphasis.
p.s. It was great seeing you yesterday sweetie! Great conference.