Friday, February 26, 2010

Better Blogging

This week I was contacted by a student taking a web 2.0 class wanting to know if I could email her with some tips for blogging.  I thought and answered quickly (as it was during my planning period knowing I wouldn't remember to come back to the email if I didn't answer then and there). Here's what I came up with but I am sure you have more to share. I would love to hear your tips so leave a comment with what has helped you become a better blogger.

1. Reading other blogs. I often connect my thinking or find ideas when I read what others are thinking about.

2. Keep talking and learning with others. Just last weekend at the Dublin Lit Conference, two friends and I began chatting about using tools in the posting menu. In a short conversation, I walked away with info about something I didn't know about.

3. Be authentic and brave.  There were times when I was nervous about posting about an issue I had in the classroom or an opinion, but the posts I worried about were often the ones I have had the most comments and formed  discussion.

4. Find other bloggers who you enjoy and comment!! Take time to write what you are feeling when a post invokes a feeling. Keep coming back and visiting to help establish a blogging community.

5. Take breaks and keep coming back.  There are times when I am overloaded with family or professional commitments and I need a break from blogging but I know how much I learn and reflect when I come back to posting. Don't beat yourself up when you can't get to it all the time and set reasonable expectations for yourself (easier said than done). Most of all ENJOY! I know I do!


Cathy said...

Great tips for blogging. Reading blogs and being a part of the blogging community do help. Still wrestling with how often to post... What do you think?

Katie Dicesare said...

You have helped me consider balance about so many things in the classroom (thank you). So, I think for me I have to consider what I can balance (family, school, kids activities my need to write) and when. During the busy months of the school year,I feel good about posting once a week. In the summer and during breaks, I have much more time to post and take advantage of it. Sometimes I use ideas to guide my posting. But generally as a sole writer on the blog, I feel 1-2 a week works for me. We should study some blogs to look at patterns!

Frazierd said...

I enjoy reading both of your blogs, so may I suggest you post 7 times a week! My teaching is so much better with your insights! (yes, I am kidding, about the frequency)