Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't Lick the Dog: Making Friends with Dogs by Wendy Wahman

Do you know how to make friends with a dog? Well, the kids in my classroom and many other classrooms in our building are loving the opportunity to connect with some beautiful german shepherds rescued and now acting as therapy dogs.   The dogs arrived for their second monthly visit on Friday, but I knew some of the kids in my class were still unsure about how to befriend our guests.  I remembered the book, Don't Lick the Dog, Making friends with Dogs and knew it would help those just learning what to do around our new friends.

In this story, author Wendy Wahman tells you how to make friend with a dog using playful rhyming text.  On each new two page spread, she offers easy advice for how to get to know a new dog.  From holding still and slowing down to how to hold your hand like a plate if you get to offer a canine a treat, the book worked wonders for the kids reluctant around dogs and those over-excited to see them.  I can also see it could easily work as a how-to mentor text or reading.  It is worth a read for those needing help warming up to dogs!

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Robert McCarty said...

This looks like an excellent book for kids to help them understand dogs and to develop the human canine bond.I would like to refer you to the Planet Of The Dogs Series...they also foster canine understanding...sample chapters at Send us a postal addreess at barkinglanet and we'll send you complimentary reader copies.Wags and woofs, Robert