Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dogs By Emily Gravett

Today, my friend Maureen shared with me some of the new books she found book shopping.  Her stack was a gold mine! She had two books that I just have to add to the beloved "Dog and Cat" basket.  One of them is by a favorite author of mine, Emily Gravett.  Gravett's book, is a perfectly written primary book with gorgeous pictures, simple, repetitive text and a bit of a surprise ending. This book fits right into the hands of K-1 readers and will make an excellent mentor text.  You will enjoy every minute of Dogs!


Cathy said...

If I am going to keep reading your blog, I better increase my book budget! So many good titles!!

Mandy said...

Emily Gravett, yahoo. I fell in love with her work right away this past summer. Thanks for the update, adding it to my next shopping trip. Can't wait to read the inside of it.