Saturday, June 6, 2009

What Student Writing Teaches Us by Mark Overmeyer

Are you looking for some summer professional reading?  Look no further than Mark Overmeyer's new book, What Student Writing Teaches Us.  This month, I am participating in a blog tour of Mark's new book published by Stenhouse and available online here for all to read before its release in July.  After reading his book,  I am taking away new pieces of  understanding and thinking I will use in my own classroom for next year. (I am also finishing my first book for the 48 hour challenge!!!!)

In What Student Writing Teaches Us, Mark opens our eyes to the many ways we can use opportunities in the classroom to assess and inform our instruction using student writing.  He encourages us to consider thinking about assessment during the process of writing rather than something that happens "at the end" of a piece.  He gives us examples of guiding questions he has used to balance time, topic choice and student talk for writers.  He stresses that rubrics and checklists are only "tools" for summative and formative assessment and that we must use them intentionally.  He reminds us that these tools are holistic when they lead to a discussion about teaching points and how educators can adjust teaching to meet the needs of our students.  Mark also suggests that formative assessment should include student voice and feedback, conferencing and self assessment.  He includes a number of student scenarios, student work samples and record keeping examples as well.  This book will help set the tone for authentic and meaningful writing assessment within your workshop. It is a must read!

For the next two weeks, I will be gathering questions you have for Mark.  Follow the following link to the Stenhouse post to read his book online. After checking out his book, post your questions for Mark in the comment box on this post.  On June 23, I will post Mark's answers to all of  your thoughts.  

The blog tour of this book will continue with the following stops:
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Anonymous said...

This books sounds so perfect for what I wanted to read and do over the summer!!! I'll be reading and chatting with you. I'll see if others are interested too. See you on the 19th at co.

Beth said...

This could not have come at a more perfect time for me! I just finished a two day in-service over assessment. I had so many conflicting feelings over the two days about what is best for students. I followed your link to the book and finished the first two chapters in no time. This book has needed to be written for a long time.

Cathy said...

I am currently going through the book and I struggle with the DOL. I used to do it with my students, but didn't the past two years. I have heard that instead of showing students sentences with errors in them, that they should be shown well-written sentences. What are your thoughts on that? Switching up the looking for errors into what do you notice about the sentence?

Elmer said...

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