Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Love that Puppy

A few weeks back I decided to buy Love that Puppy by Jeff Jarka and I 'm glad I did for a few reasons.  This picture book meets graphic novel has cartoonish feel that layers panelling within the flow of the two page spreads .  The story is about something that kids truly pretend about...being a dog.  I have seen kids in K-1 do this year after year during indoor recess. In this story, Peter decides to become an actual dog. The author humorously takes you through his adjustments to this new life and his parents reactions to his sudden change.  The book makes a good read aloud/hand over for kids to read because of the limited text and extra picture support in the panels.  I know it will work for my beginning of the year second graders and fits great in our dog and cat basket.  Hope you LOVE it when you check it out!

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